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Vanity Fair Magazine Feature

“Home is where the Art is” will showcase my work in Vanity Fair Magazine during July/August,

with its focus on lifestyle issues, fashion and culture, Vanity Fair provides an ideal platform for my unique wall art.

Vanity Fair Magazine


Home Is Where The Art Is



Vanity Fair Gallery Wall Art Image

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About the Author:

Berkshire born and bred, I have an extremely active imagination! My earliest memory is sitting up in bed, picturing faces, animals and clouds within my bedroom curtains and wallpaper. I’m told I see things in everyday life which others don’t see. Quietly observing life, listening, watching and leafing through magazines, I nurtured my artistic eye for colour, composition and design. Happiest outdoors, I have golden memories of holidays on the South Coast and my Uncle’s farm in Devon, making hay, fishing trout and running free.

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