Lorraine Finney Following Her Dream

//Lorraine Finney Following Her Dream

Lorraine Finney Following Her Dream



The partnership between Lorraine and the charity came about after John’s parents, Linda and Peter, bought one her Red Arrows pictures at auction. John had flown with the Red Arrows as a prize for achieving Top Student on the Air Cadets Junior Leaders Course and the beautiful image called, ‘Sweeping the Sky’ brought back memories of that incredible day for his parents. The art work was signed by the Red Arrows including, Dan Simmons, the Red Arrow pilot John had actually flown with. With such a connection it was just meant to be and Lorraine immediately became a great friend and supporter of the charity.

Lorraine has long been interested in photography, and is finally finding time to follow her dream. She has already won awards from the Societies of International Nature and Wildlife Photography, of which she is a member, and it is of no surprise that no less than three of her images have been shortlisted for Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2020! Her work is testament to her enormous natural talent and as well as printing her images on canvas, she creates aluminium prints, which make a striking feature on any wall and enable her to cater for any taste or decor.

Lorraine commented “I have a website, but it’s really hard because it’s just a picture — I want people to see the quality of my work and the different mediums.”

Lorraine will host her first solo exhibition from 7th to 20th August at the Hayloft Gallery, Wick Lane, Christchurch with a percentage of her sales kindly being donated to the JTYAF.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to view her work – but in the meantime why not visit her website, just click the link below.

Lorraine Finney Photography

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Berkshire born and bred, I have an extremely active imagination! My earliest memory is sitting up in bed, picturing faces, animals and clouds within my bedroom curtains and wallpaper. I’m told I see things in everyday life which others don’t see. Quietly observing life, listening, watching and leafing through magazines, I nurtured my artistic eye for colour, composition and design. Happiest outdoors, I have golden memories of holidays on the South Coast and my Uncle’s farm in Devon, making hay, fishing trout and running free.

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