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//Boscombe Camera Club News

Boscombe Camera Club News

Boscombe Camera Club is a great place to develop skills and network with fellow photographers, within a friendly environment which promotes enjoyment and knowledge of photography.

I am delighted to have been elected Chair of the club and look forward to creating an inspirational and encouraging atmosphere where all abilities are welcome.



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Berkshire born and bred, I have an extremely active imagination! My earliest memory is sitting up in bed, picturing faces, animals and clouds within my bedroom curtains and wallpaper. I’m told I see things in everyday life which others don’t see. Quietly observing life, listening, watching and leafing through magazines, I nurtured my artistic eye for colour, composition and design. Happiest outdoors, I have golden memories of holidays on the South Coast and my Uncle’s farm in Devon, making hay, fishing trout and running free.

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